Laurie Breitner

lcb2I’ve been solving complex business problems as a hands-on consultant since 1991. That’s a lot of problem solving. So if I’m quick to see solutions, it’s probably because I’ve encountered a similar situation before.

I offer not only perspective and long-term planning, but also support in integrating tactical solutions. I can help you expand quickly, make a smooth transition, pivot in the face of change, improve your systems and procedures, and acquire the skills and—just as important—the confidence you need to move forward and become more profitable.

The experience I bring to my work is broad and deep. My career spans nearly four decades and has included leadership positions in an array of industries and settings: insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals, shipping, construction, manufacturing, retail, education, the arts, community service, and advocacy. That real-world experience is complemented by an MBA, an MA in education, and a BA in psychology (all from the University of Massachusetts).

Visit my LinkedIn page to learn more. In addition to this blog, I have contributed to Jeanne Yocum’s Succeeding in Small Business blog.

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