Why Are We Blogging?

The purpose of this blog is to stimulate discussions that will help entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders start and grow strong for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

The ideas presented come from our many years of experience and occasionally those of invited guest contributors. Together and separately we have helped clients grow from the idea stage, expand rapidly, and develop into mature organizations.  While we remember each project for its own challenges, we have come to recognize common themes that motivate us here.

  • Building on strengths
  • Mitigating weaknesses
  • Managing risks
  • Leveraging opportunities
  • Nurturing new initiatives
  • Accelerating innovation
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Managing resources
  • Overcoming gaps
  • Making smart decisions

We have talked about doing a blog together for some time, agreeing to accord ourselves latitude to explore topics we’re passionate about. We are especially eager to delve into the challenges that occur at the intersections our areas of expertise, why they are important, and how to work on them while keeping the big picture in mind.

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